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L. F. Manufacturing, Inc. (LFM), headquartered in Giddings, Texas, has been a major manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) structures since 1974.  LFM currently has six manufacturing facilities across the U.S. to service every region in the country.

With over 200 employees, LFM manufactures pipe and structures in diameters from 8-inches to 20-feet and heights in excess of 40-feet. Our fiberglass manufacturing processes include the latest chop-hoop and helical filament winding, open-mold spray-up, resin transfer molding and vacuum assist methods.  For our OEM customers, LFM production services include plug and mold making to aid in product design, development and production.

FRP chemical storage tanks and process vessels are engineered for service conditions specified by each customer.  A wide variety of glass reinforcement, synthetic reinforcement and resin selection allow LFM to address a wide range of pH and temperature ranges. Those vessels designed for industrial-use meet or exceed ASTM D4097 requirements for hand lay-up contact molding and ASTM D3299 requirements for filament wound fabrication.

FRP manholes and wetwells used for municipal wastewater systems are constructed with a nearly endless array of configurations, with or without base assemblies, for depths from 3-feet to greater than 50-feet. FRP manholes and wetwells offer the lowest life-cycle cost by providing watertight and corrosion resistant properties. Manholes and wetwells by LFM are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM D3753. In addition to complying with all ASTM specifications, our fiberglass manholes carry an AASHTO H-20 and HL-93 traffic load rating.

A major consideration in the manufacturing of any FRP structure is the Quality Assurance Program.  LFM has numerous certifications for both technical and quality assurance programs, including API 12-P and ISO 9001.  In addition, each structure manufactured is serialized with the production and inspection documents showing raw materials usage, wall thickness, resin qualities, fittings and accessories.  These documents are maintained for future reference and customer inspection, upon request.

LFM provides a professional sales and design staff offering project review, pricing, CADD and design services.  With an experienced staff of field service technicians, field repair and retrofit services are readily available upon request.  Our professional drivers, along with the company’s fleet of trucks and custom trailers, ensure timely and damage-free delivery.  We market our products throughout the United States utilizing a network of distributors and independent manufacturer representatives.

Fiberglass Structures, Inc. is an experienced manufacturer of high quality molded composite and fiberglass reinforced plastic products.  FSI has been a privately held corporation since 1986 when Rob Harris acquired the assets of an existing fiberglass manufacturer (Component Structures, Inc.) which had been in production in Laurel, MT since 1977.  From this base, Fiberglass Structures has expanded and evolved into a supplier of reinforced plastic products throughout the region.  FSI produces a wide range of items for a diverse clientele.  Industry, agriculture, utilities, and transportation all utilize Fiberglass Structure's products.  We fabricate a full line of livestock and wildlife watering products, including storage, collection and drinkers, in configurations to meet almost any installation need can be supplied.  A line of insulated winter waterers are also available.

Our in-house tooling department allows us to build to your specifications.  This makes job-specific custom manufacturing a cost effective and practical alternative.  We can produce what you need.  We can also modify our extensive product line to better suit your requirements.

We fabricate large storage tanks and processing vessels.  Tanks for vertical and horizontal above ground (as well as underground applications) can be supplied to meet your specific needs.  They can be built to your specifications or we can offer design and engineering support.  Volumes from 400 to 40,000 gallons with diameters of two feet to twelve feet are available.  Air and gas scrubbers, duct work and corrosion resistant piping are also in our product line.  A spectrum of resins are available to produce items suitable for very aggressive environments.  We go far beyond offering simple rustproof products to meet our customer’s site requirements.

Employees of Fiberglass Structures pride themselves in the quality of their workmanship and skills required to produce the high quality products FSI has become known for.  Our staff is encouraged to use its common sense, good judgment and the knowledge gained through years of experience.  This has resulted in employee generated ideas whose innovative application has kept Fiberglass Structures producing products effectively and efficiently.  We love a challenge and it is this philosophy which has gained us the reputation we value.