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Fiberglass Mold Making Department

L.F. Manufacturing, Inc. now offers a complete line of fiberglass mold making capabilities. LFM can help complete your project from design to tooling creation to final part production. Our mold making shop is now equipped with all the tools necessary to make a high quality product in a short time period. Many companies can make fiberglass molds. However, LFM prides itself on making high quality tooling in very short lead times. Our ability to work long hours with multiple shifts can bring your product to production in the least amount of time. Our staff includes several individuals with more than 30 years of plug and mold making experience. LFM's team has successfully completed multiple projects in several industries including waste water management, aquaculture, electrical applications, and most recently wind energy. The limitations of our department are only limited to your imagination. Our mold making production facility includes 120,000 square feet. There is no job too large or too small.

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