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Fiberglass Tank Manufacturer Addresses Misconceptions, Myths and Misinformation about Static Discharge

HOUSTON, TEXAS, June 28, 2017 – LF Manufacturing (, a leading manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass reinforced products, has launched an educational campaign to address mounting misinformation about the dangers of fiberglass tanks in the oilfield and their susceptibility to static discharge and lightning strikes.

Engineers, distributors and operators have a huge decision-making advantage when they know the hard facts to dispel widespread misconceptions about static discharge in fiberglass tanks,” said Bob Williams, president and chief executive officer of LF Manufacturing. “The facts about static discharge and grounding speak for themselves, and the viability of fiberglass storage tanks in the oilfield is extremely sound.”

A series of educational communiqué will be rolled out beginning in July, and the campaign will be ongoing. The first piece in the initial phase will address widespread misconceptions, myths and misinformation about static discharge and lightning susceptibility of fiberglass and steel tanks.

The campaign will focus on four key educational messages. Static discharge is a tank issue, not a fiberglass issue, and all tanks in the oilfield – steel, internally coated steel, and fiberglass – are subject to static current imbalance without proper grounding. Any tank of any composition can be struck by lightning without proper lightning elimination to overcome static electricity. A simple grounding solution is available for all tanks. Including the nominal cost for lightning eliminators, fiberglass tanks cost 10 to 20 percent less than other options.

When engineers, distributors and operators know the facts, they can make informed decisions and spend substantially less,” added Williams. “Our educational campaign is laser focused on ensuring our valued customers are armed with the truth.”

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About LF Manufacturing

Texas-based LF Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass reinforced products and has served valued oilfield, municipal, and industrial customers in North America since 1974. From design to installation, the company specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom fiberglass tanks, manholes, wetwells, and piping systems. LF Manufacturing is ASME RTP-1 certified, making it one of only twelve companies in the nation with this fabricator quality control system certification.