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LF Manufacturing Awarded Fabricator Quality Control System Certification by American Society of Mechanical Engineers

HOUSTON, TEXAS, June 28, 2017 – LF Manufacturing (, a leading manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass reinforced products, has been awarded the ASME RTP-1 certification, making it one of only 12 companies in the United States that can design, fabricate and code stamp fiberglass vessels.

LF Manufacturing was awarded the certification in April by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to certify its fabricator quality control system in accordance with the RTP-1 standard – Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Corrosion-Resistant Equipment – the most comprehensive industry standard for reinforced thermoset plastic (RTP) equipment.

The RTP-1 certification program applies to stationary vessels used for the storage, accumulation or processing of corrosive or other substances at certain pressures. In accordance with the program, LF Manufacturing fabricates by hand lay-up and also can utilize spray-up and filament wound methods of fabrication. The certification also includes field assembly, field repair and field fabrication.

Vessels manufactured by LF Manufacturing bearing the certification mark with an RTP-1 designator indicate a fabricator certified by ASME and possessing a valid ASME RTP-1 Certificate of Authorization has manufactured them.

“Our RTP-1 certification by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers reflects LF Manufacturing’s company-wide commitment to indoctrinating and training personnel to exemplary quality control systems and standards,” said Bob Williams, president and chief executive officer of LF Manufacturing.

The company’s quality control systems will be surveyed every three years and audited annually through unannounced visit by the ASME.

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About LF Manufacturing

Texas-based LF Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass reinforced products and has served valued oilfield, municipal, and industrial customers in North America since 1974. From design to installation, the company specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom fiberglass, process vessels, tanks, manholes, wetwells, and piping systems. LF Manufacturing is ASME RTP-1 certified, making it one of only twelve companies in the nation with this fabricator quality control system certification