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Economical, Clean Water Storage, Strong & Durable Construction, and Corrosion-Free 


Let us put our experience to work for you. We have been manufacturing high quality fiberglass potable water tanks since 1974. Our tanks are built with quality in mind. We use only the highest quality resins and glass fiber to build our fiberglass tanks. We are committed to building the very best fiberglass tank money can buy. LFM uses the latest manufacturing techniques, utilizing the most advanced chop and filament winding equipment available. This insures the utmost quality in all of our fiberglass products. LFM’s production facility covers over 83,000 square feet and is situated on 35 acres just east of Giddings, Texas. Our workforce consists of over 100 full-time employees that are committed to building quality fiberglass products.

potable water tanks


Our fiberglass potable water tanks are an excellent economic value when compared to steel tanks. A fiberglass tank from LFM weighs approximately 60% less than a steel tank; which makes installation easier and less time consuming, saving the customer money in the long run. Also, our fiberglass tanks save money because they are durable and have a longer service life than steel tanks. 


At LFM, we maintain our own fleet of delivery trucks which are equipped for transporting fiberglass tanks. This helps to keep delivery costs to our customers low. We employ a professional delivery staff whose primary goal is to see to it that our fiberglass tanks are delivered on time and in a safe and professional manner. And as an added benefit, our fiberglass potable water tanks are light-weight, making them easier to handle during loading and unloading, further reducing delivery costs. 

Available Sizes

Our fiberglass potable water tanks are manufactured to meet our customers required dimensions. Standard tanks are available in diameters from 2 feet through 15.5 feet. LFM can also custom design and manufacture fiberglass potable water tanks for almost any size, shape or service requested. Contact your LFM sales professional to find out which sizes best fit your specific needs. 

Options & Fittings

LFM can build fiberglass tanks with many different options and fittings. Some of these include various FRP flanges, manways, sight glasses, ladder cages, insulation and many other specialty fixtures. 


Our fiberglass potable water tanks eliminate the need for additional corrosion protection, such as exterior painting and cathodic protection systems for above ground and underground installations. Because of the anti-corrosive nature of our fiberglass tanks, the need for costly maintenance and repainting is eliminated, thus offering considerable savings when compared to steel tanks. And because our fiberglass potable water tanks are corrosion- free, the risk of leakage and content contamination is greatly reduced.