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Basins (Small Diameter Wetwells)

Quality Assurance. Valve Boxes. Pump Mounting Bolts.


Let us put our experience to work for you. LFM has been building quality fiberglass reinforced manholes, wetwells and basins since 1982. We utilize the latest in chop and filament winding equipment, therefore providing our customers with the highest quality fiberglass products on the market today. Our production facility is located on 35 acres near Giddings, Texas and covers 83,000 square feet. 

fiberglass basin

Quality Built Right In

LFM incorporates a comprehensive in-plant testing program. Our quality control enables us to provide our
customers with consistent workmanship in every fiberglass basin that we build. We inspect and test each fiberglass basin before it is released for shipping. Wall thickness reports, raw material analysis and continuous chemical analysis reports are just some of the test procedures that we perform. Testing reports are recorded and maintained at our office, and are available upon request.


Fiberglass basins by LFM are light-weight, making them easier to handle. This means easier, safer, faster and less costly installations. 

Available Diameters

LFM builds fiberglass basins to your specified dimensions with standard diameters from 24 inches through 96 inches. Depths are available from 2 feet through 20 feet. Greater depths can be custom fabricated. Ask your LFM sales representative for details. 


LFM’s fiberglass basins are built with a fiberglass antiflotation bottom which has a 3 inch wide flange to counteract the effects of flotation after installation. Our basins also have an open top with 3 inch wide mounting flange. The mounting flange provides a surface area to attached a cover to the basin. Upon request we can also manufacture a fiberglass cover for our basins.



LFM can build fiberglass basins to fit your specific requirements complete with pipe stubouts already in place, making installation and assembly easier and less time consuming. 

Quality Assurance

We stand behind the products that we build. Our fiberglass basins carry a one year limited warranty. For additional information, see the warranty section of our brochure.

Summary of Test Results
Tests Performed Average Results
Stiffness 5% Deflection @ 2.45 lbs. / in.2
10% Deflection @ 2.28 lbs. / in.2
Material Composition 54.25 wt. % Resin
Compressive Strength Transverse: 22,700 psi
Longitudinal: 10,500 psi
Flexural Strength Transverse: 56,000 psi
Longitudinal: 11,700 psi
Modulus Transverse: 2,084,000 psi
Longitudinal: 1,114,000 psi
Load Rating 24,000 lbs. - 0.157” Deflection
40,000 lbs. - No Damage
Barcol Hardness Cylinder: 43.1
Reducer: 41.0
Wall Thickness Cylinder: 0.308
Soundness No Leaks Detected at 5 psi
Air Pressure