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Beware of the Fear Factor

Be careful who you listen to.

Engineers, distributors and operators have been put at a huge, unfair disadvantage as a result of misleading and highly inaccurate information.

Here’s what they’re not telling you.

Static discharge is an issue for all tanks, and the same grounding solution applies to both fiberglass and steel tanks.

And they’re certainly not telling you this.

Including the nominal cost for static eliminators, fiberglass tanks offer a huge 10-20% total cost savings over steel tanks. The savings can be even higher depending on the pace of steel tank corrosion and the frequency of then having to replace those steel tanks in the oilfield.

Know the facts. Make informed decisions. Spend substantially less.

LFM is committed to the truth. We’re also committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality fiberglass tanks that offer total solutions and tremendous savings. Contact us today at to put LFM’s honesty and 43-year history working to your advantage.